About Us


Sell My Business GoDBI BrokersAgents with Davidson Business Investments have over 45 years of combined experience serving clients buying and selling businesses in Charlotte NC and all over the USA. Last year the owner of Davidson Business Investments, Frank Davidson, sold over 42 companies personally and his recent sale in NY sold for the highest multiple ever! Frank Davidson and the agents at Davidson Business Investments have the experience, which adds value to your company because of what and who DBI deals with.

Davidson Business Investments represents the most elite clients in the Southeast US. DBI specializes in HealthCare practices and ancillary companies such as Medical Billing and Medical Supplies, Dealerships, Manufacturing, Distribution, High Value Franchises and Corporate Divestures, across the United States.

Davidson Business Investments has strategic acquisition search programs in place which create deal flow higher than any in the industry and uncover opportunities that other firms never hear or see. Selling companies in today’s market, brokers are needed who are in touch with all of the different structures and transitional financing methods in order to get transactions closed, Frank Davidson and Davidson Business Investment Brokers ensures that all information is confidential and that selling your business is made as easy as possible.

Please visit Davidson Business Investments website for further information on selling your business, to view an active listing of companies for sale or to live chat with Frank Davidson about buying selling or referral benefits.

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